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Renting A Moving Truck: Is It Worth It

Hey I guess you are planning for a move?

That’s good! So, I guess you have taken into account the needed things…the packing venture must have nearly come to an end…isn’t it! Well, let me know one thing did you hire the services of a moving truck rental? Renting a moving truck is considered to be viable portion of your moving venture.

It hardly matters whether you are relocating within the same town, state or country…whatever be the consequences you need to rent a moving van, truck or trailer based on the amount of goods you need to relocate. Do take into consideration the following points as soon as you start off with your research.

Moving within the same town

If you are moving within the same town, there are innumerable renting agencies that adjust to your needs. But in case, you are plan to move to some other state or country, most rental agencies will suggest you to rent a truck that allows for a one way move. Make sure the rental company you choose has the provision of one way truck rental.

It is because if the moving company doesn’t calls for this, then you may have to spend extra dollars for returning the rental trailer to its original place. Hence, ensure asking about this before booking a moving truck.

When it comes to renting a moving truck, a viable thing that we often overlook is determining the size of the truck. There are various rental agencies that offer a size guide. This gives you a general idea about your requirements.

Determine the size

Almost all rental agencies help you in determining the appropriate truck size. Make sure to determine the size of your truck well in advance particularly if you are opting for a long distance move. It is because if you switch truck sizes at the nick of the hour, then it may result in a complicated move.

Based on the timing of your mover, you need to book a rented truck. The peak seasons generally start at the end of May and extend up to the end of September. So if you intend to make a move during these hours, be sure to call way ahead and place a booking. It is because most agencies charge a bit more that their normal rates during the peak season. On the flip side, if you think that you have a flexible timing for making a move, then prefer avoiding the peak seasons.

In general, rental agencies will provide additional insurance. Hence, before signing the contract, make sure that the company you choose provides you the provision for insurance coverage in case your goods get damaged or lost.

In addition to a moving truck, the rental agencies also provide dollies and pads on rent. Protective pads are of immense help when it comes to protect your valuable leather couch or antiques while making a move. Now that you have read this article, it is hoped that importance of renting a moving truck as well as other equipments has been clear to you.

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